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The PPGEP-So is managed by the Coordination of the Graduate Program in Production Engineering at campus Sorocaba (CPGEP-So). CPGEP-So, ruled by the Superior Councils, has the goal of outlining the guidelines and look after the execution of the program, as well as coordinating the pedagogical-scientific activities of the graduate program.

Current composition:

President Prof. Phd. João Eduardo Azevedo Ramos da Silva (PPGEP-So Coordinator)
Vice President Prof. Phd. Diogo Aparecido Lopes Silva (PPGEP-So Vice Coordinator)
Teacher Representative (sitting member) Prof. Phd. Deisemara Ferreira
Teacher Representative (sitting member) Prof. Phd. Murilo Aparecido Voltarelli
Teacher Representative (sitting member) Profa. Phd. Ricardo Coser Mergulhão
Teacher Representative (alternate member) Profa. Phd. Juliana Veiga Mendes 
Teacher Representative (alternate member) Prof. Phd. Patrícia Saltorato
Teacher Representative (alternate member) Profa. Phd. Yovana María Barrera Saavedra
Student Representative (sitting member) Tailise Mascarenhas Martins
Student Representative (alternate member) Felipe Carnacini